mifold – the Grab and Go Booster | REVIEW

Honest review of the mifold grab and go booster car seat by a father of three young kids who has used a fair number of car seats and booster seats in the past.

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Alex S says:

thanks! great real review!

Michael White says:

Hi, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiSLmYSULLU at 2min 48 it shows the folding aspect of the Mifold is required for contoured seats. Thks for the review!

Diego Cheja says:

no good without showing how it works on a kid.

Mike Oxthrobn says:

… I bet you also have issues with umbrellas and other ‘complicated gear’.

Tanetta Caleb says:

Thank you for taking the time to review this product. Super helpful! I was thinking of buying one but I may get bubble bum instead.

Gordon Doherty says:

Hi Adam, I have 2 of these and I agree with you 100%. The 2 orange seat belt guides at the side make it difficult for the children to unbuckle themselves. It would be useful if the sliders would lock in both positions. I’m going to just use them for vacations and keep to traditional boosters for the day to day stuff.

jeanne555 says:

Thanks for taking the time, this was super helpful. Great point about the folding mechanism causing an issue, and I imagine it’s less comfortable to sit on as well!

srenees08 says:

I just hate that you talk about your daughter being three in a booster seat. She would be so much safer in a harness.

How To says:

thanks for the helpful info! Good to know.

Rose Coward says:

They must have updated them because my Mifold’s seat sizer’s will not go in by themselves, they are locked in position both for expanding and retracting.

Megan Butz says:

My husband and I just bought these for our kids and just received them in the mail last week. The lap belt sliders lock both directions on ours and you have to pull the adjuster tab to slide them in or out, so perhaps they already improved on them.
I think if they keep the folding aspect they should install a sort of lock that keeps it from folding once you open it up, maybe they would make it better…

The Lp says:

it is a parent’s responsibility to buckle their children. It is not the children’s responsibility to buckle themselves. It is specifically specified in the video that ages for all the way to 12 year olds are the children they’re supposed to use these seats. The inventor did a great job with this new idea that he keep up with. but, I do see some points of your view as a parent have your own children. Maybe he could have given it another name, but I agree with the booster part it doesn’t boost up the child that actually keeps him or her at the same level now. you probably realize it wasn’t my fault because the item faults and opens up. So therefore common sense is why one of the reasons he calls it my fault. Another thing that you’ve mentioned in your comments during the video, is that the locking mechanism you don’t like. It’s for your children’s safety the reason why they do that. I am for the children all the way and I will do whatever it takes to keep them safe even if it means for a mechanism like the one that you’re holding your hand in his video being locked, so be it. I rather the child be safe then my child flying out the window at some point. Keep in mind that there are a lot of crazy drivers out in this universe now days. it’s best that your children are safe rather than regret it later. Other than that, it really was good.

Boris Alarcon Biava says:

You criticize the name and give the children responsibility to buckle up, It is not work that way.
The rest info is helpful.

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