Britax crash test shows dangers of booster seats

This video from Britax shows the difference between a high back child seat and a basic booster seat in an accident. Britax is urging parents to “Bin the Booster” this summer.


Алина Носкова says:

бустеп был лучше

Angela D. Redcay says:

I’m wondering why the dummy in the backless booster appears to be stuffed (wearing long sleeves and pants so hard to say but maybe a reason for the clothing choice) whereas the dummy in the highback booster is hard plastic (more firm and wearing shorts and short sleeves). This concerns me about ever buying Britax products if safety tests are done in this way.

Maggie S says:

Evolva is the best high back seat ive had. We love the 5 point harness, our other is also older britax trendline. defo agree to bin the booster.

Mark Bhalay says:

I’m not convinced. If they are so unsafe then why are they available for purchase? Surely when they were made mandatory, then the law would have specified high back seats no?

Bearded Gamer says:


Richard Morgan says:

Bin the booster and buy britax seats thats what this ad is about. Yes?

Trương Hà My says:

They should make booster seats safer for children

Joyce Abernethy says:

wagwan6248 – my 8yr old son is still in a high backed booster. He is the normal height and weight of a 8yr old and fits it fine 🙂

shellmuden says:

No Richard, it doesn’t matter whether it is a Britax Seat or another brand. It’s about highlighting safety and using a high back booster as opposed to just a booster seat. I do not work for Britax but I used to be a trained car seat fitter for Mothercare.
A high back booster holds the child’s body upright, rather than slipping down the seatbelt. This is especially important on long journeys when a child falls asleep, when you’re likely to be going at high speeds on a motorway. A high back booster provides head and side protection.
When I started at Mothercare 10yrs ago, Britax and Maxi Cosi no longer sold boosters or high back boosters that went down to just a booster. So actually they did themselves out of money in the name of safety.

My nearly 10 & 7 year old are still in high back boosters and my current search for a new car due to another baby is based on fitting all 3 in the safest car seats. Knowledge and awareness on this is so important. Accidents aren’t always avoidable as you cannot control every other road user, however you can offer your child the best chance of survival.

Jon Sumroy says:

What is Britax’s ulterior motive?  Britax have sold exactly this type of backless booster for decades.  And thanks to them, the number of childhood deaths and injuries has reduced significantly.

Now they are telling us to bin them!  Is this a big corporation wanting us all to buy bigger, more complex, more inconvenient and more expensive new products?  

The video is Britax’s own test in their own facility.  I’ve seen hundreds of truly independent crash test videos with backless boosters where the child is restrained properly; they are not scary like this.  Are we sure Britax did not set this up to look bad?

Boosters are inexpensive, practical and simple products designed to provide convenient and straight forward installation.  They ensure good vehicle seat belt positioning onto the child and are designed to conform to the most universally accepted global car seat regulations; including the UK.  

There are other products on the market that offer different features that may exceed the statutory  standards; I have used them with my own children.  But this does not mean that backless boosters, which have been the mainstay of child car safety for 40-years, are suddenly dangerous and should be binned.  

Shame on you Britax!

Full disclosure: I invented mifold, the most advanced, compact and portable booster seat in the world.  It’s more than 10x smaller than a regular booster seat and it’s just as safe … check it out on

Krystle & John Robertson says:

These aren’t sold in Australia anymore luckily
One thing we got right

Lauren Jane Fair says:

:-/ Testing is important whoever does it. If I’m concerned now a booster isn’t safe enough I’ll continue to use my Gracco highback chair for my child. If I have Britax to thank for that I’m happy, don’t think anyone is daft enough to think it only applies to Britax. However the booster I have for short journeys is high and at least has the additional loop to hold the strap to the shoulder.

Karrington Bostick says:

I would love to know why it appears that the seat belt on the Britax seat locks upon impact yet on the seat that they do not make the belt doesn’t lock.

Space Martian says:

Isn’t the booster seat supposed to be turned in the opposite direction btw?

wagwan6248 says:

Well than make highback boosters for kids opder than 3

Aaron Gusman says:

At what speed was the test carried out?

Stinger007a says:

Так у него, ремень не сработал, это просто реклама товара.
При ударе, ремень должен был зафиксироваться, а не ползти вместе с телом!

Diana Probst says:

I’m not sure if this has been already said. I hadn’t read down the thread. But what Britax is doing with #BinTheBooster is making everyone aware of the dangers of built in boosters seats in some vehicles – They want you to keep them tucked away and use your high backs or age appropriate boosters seats that you buy for your children.

10benji01 says:

Why don’t they release a video of the crash test with a dummy strapped into a normal car seat ?
It’s plane and simple money making process, they clearly stated that without a booster seat a child is not safe this video proves otherwise.

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